Need for Modulation

⇒ In a communication system, the original information signals (Baseband signals) may be transmitted over the medium by putting the original signal into medium that is referred as "Baseband Transmission". ⇒ Just like in case of computer network cables or Telephone line wires transmit baseband signals over some distance. ⇒ But Baseband Transmission has some … Continue reading Need for Modulation


Steady State Analysis

Mainly steady state response has following two specifications : Settling time Steady state error We have covered the Settling time in our previous post Time response specifications. Now we will discuss the remaining one that is steady state error. Steady state error is an index of steady-state response of a system to a specified input. … Continue reading Steady State Analysis

Time Response Specifications

Time response = Transient response + Steady state response Transient response → Due to system poles only Steady state response → Due to both input and system poles ⇒ The nature of transient response of a linear control system is revealed by any of the standard test signals - impulse, unit step, ramp, parabola - … Continue reading Time Response Specifications