Winding Terminologies

a). Conductor : It is the actual armature conductor which is under the influence of the magnetic field, placed in the armature slot.

b). Turn : The two conductors placed in different slots when connected together, forms a turn. While describing armature winding the number of turns may be specified from which, the number of conductors can be decided.

Z = 2 × Number of turns


c). Coil : For simplicity of connections, the turns are grouped together to form a coil. If coil contains only one turn it is called single turn coil while coil more than one turn is called multi-turn coil.


⇒ Hence if number of coils, alongwith number of turns per coil are specified, it is possible to determine the total number of turns and hence total number of armature conductors ‘Z’ required to calculate generated emf.


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